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Opticis All-Optical DVI Cable for Electrical Isolation - 20m/65ft (M1-100A-20)

Opticis All-Optical DVI Cable for Electrical Isolation - 20m/65ft (M1-100A-20)

$375.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: M1-100A-20
Length: 20 meters / 65 feet

All-optical DVI cable, M1-100A has four (4) fibers for TMDS transmission and transmits uncompressed WUXGA (1920x1200) 60Hz, 1080p signal up to 500m (1640feet). It enables to restore EDID of display in an EEPROM of transmitter and also realizes perfect electrical galvanic isolation with all-optical cabling.

The reality of gigabit high-speed digital graphic interconnections mandates products that maintain front-of-screen video quality. Optical technology extends the ability to transmit digital graphic data beyond the physical limits of copper wires by, i) providing pure signal integrity over long distances for the optimum visual experience, ii) no EMI/RFI transmission or reception, iii) light weight, rugged cabling and connectors, iv) very cost effective per foot/metre, v) low power consumption, and vi) plug and go installation ease – no software requirements.
The M1-100A consists of a transmitter and a receiver, connected by all fiber-optic distribution cables with male DVI-D connectors at each end. The Transmitter and Receiver modules are respectively implemented by Opticis designed and manufactured 850nm VCSEL and PIN-PD arrays.
The M1-100A product makes DDC / HDCP interconnection over pure fibers as well as transmission of the Red, Green, Blue, and Clock TMDS graphic data over fibers. The cable can be any length up to 500m (326feet) for WUXGA (1,920x1,200) 60Hz data. An external power is required for the receiver module, while most video cards, at least 500mA of +5V voltage can provide DC power to the transmitter module.


  • Compact design of end connector allows direct connection to the host video card and display.
  • No software to install; just plug and go.
  • Auto-power switching.
  • Data security with negligible RFI/EMI emissions.
  • Employs a bundled cable of multi-mode fibers
    : 50/125 or 62.5/125um, RISER jacket of non-flammable PVC.
  • Supports all VESA resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200), 60Hz and 1080p.
  • Embeds pure fiber distribution cable with 8 strands Multimode Glass of fibers not only for the TMDS video interface and but also to support the DDC2B/HDCP, which offers perfect electrical isolation.
  • Supports bit rate up to 1.65Gbps/ch.
  • Extends DVI signal up to 500m (1640feet) over four (4) multi-mode fibers.
  • Restores EDID of display in an EEPROM of transmitter (Self-EDID).
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50℃.
  • Storage temperature: -30 ~ 70℃.
  • Input power: +5V 2A
  • Size (WDH): 39 x 52.3 x 15.4mm

Shipping Group:
  • M1-100A optical cable: 1EA
  • +5V 2A adapter: x2
  • User manual

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Opticis All-Optical DVI Cable for Electrical Isolation - 20m/65ft (M1-100A-20)

$375.00  Quantity:  

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