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Unibrain FireRepeater 400 3-Port 1394a FireWire Repeater (1610)

Unibrain FireRepeater 400 3-Port 1394a FireWire Repeater (1610)

$46.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1610

FireRepeater 400 is a 3-port pocket-size Hub that allows you to:

  • Extend your computer's Firewire-400 ports by two (2).
  • Extend FireWire bus length (tested up to 100 meters and ten repeaters in row)
  • Add or reinforce DC Power Supply capability for your FireWire connection.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • FireWire PHY: Texas Instruments TSB41AB3, 3-port, 3.3V, Physical Layer Device, FireWire Bus Transfer Rate 400/200/100 Mbps, compliant with IEEE-1394a.
    • External 12-30V power supply input (adapter not included)
    • Compact size.
    • Shielded plastic case.

    External 12-30V power supply input: (Power supply available seperately) Works on any FireWire IEEE 1394 equipped systems, Apple Mac, Linux or Unix or Windows PC. For Win 2000 thru Win7, Mac OS 9 and up, or Linux with IEEE1394a support at all FireWire speeds 100 / 200 / 400 mbps

    Powering the Repeater:
    FireRepeater 400 is powered by the FireWire bus DC voltage, coming from host adapters or other FireWire devices connected with 6-pin cables.
    FireRepeater 400 is provided with a DC power input jack connector, that can be used when the FireWire connection does not provide DC power. This happens typically:
    • when the FireWire bus is converted to a 4-pin connection
    • when, in 6-pin, no powering device is present, even from the FireWire interface. This is the case when using CardBus FireWire adapters or on some laptops with built-in interface.

    Even if the FireWire bus is already powered, the DC power input jack of the FireRepeater 400 can also be used to reinforce it. The FireWire bus voltage will adapt automatically when needed. A built-in diode avoid any risk of voltages conflict or reverse current flow.

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    Unibrain FireRepeater 400 3-Port 1394a FireWire Repeater (1610)

    $46.00  Quantity: