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Phidgets Distance/Range Sensors

Phidgets IR Distance Adapter (1101)Phidgets IR Distance Adapter (1101)
$16.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1101

The IR Distance Adapter is designed to interface the following Sharp sensors to an analog input on a PhidgetInterface board.

Phidget IR Reflective Sensor 5mm (1102)Phidget IR Reflective Sensor 5mm (1102)
$12.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1102

With a range of 5mm, this IR proximity sensor can detect opaque objects and connects to an analog input.

Phidgets IR Reflective Sensor 10cm (1103)Phidgets IR Reflective Sensor 10cm (1103)
$16.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1103

This sensor can detect the presence of objects at a distance of 0 to 10cm regardless of the object reflective properties. When an object enters the range of detection, SensorValue becomes zero, and when it leaves, it returns to 1000. The 1103 works just as well in both dim and well lit environments.

Phidgets MaxBotix EZ-1 Sonar Sensor (1128)Phidgets MaxBotix EZ-1 Sonar Sensor (1128)
$40.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1128

The Sonar Sensor is a compact high performance ultrasonic rangefinder made by MaxBotix that can detect objects at a distance of 6 to 254 inches (6.45 m) with a 1 inch (25.4 mm)resolution. The sensor automatically calibrates itself when powered up.