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Newnex FireNEX™ Repeaters

FireWire/USB 3.0

FireNEX™ repeaters extend 1394 signals through the use of CAT5, Coax, or fiber optic cables. According to the 1394 standard, copper cables alone are limited to 4.5 meters, but with the assistance of a FireNEX™ repeater, 1394 signal can be extended over up to 10 kilometers. FireNEX™ repeaters are used for a variety of applications, including consumer electronics, professional imaging, industrial control and machine vision. With its patented noise control technology, Newnex brought the world's first 1394b optical repeater to the market. It is the first company to expand 1394 long haul connectivity to include COAX and CAT5 cables. All of Newnex's repeaters are FCC and CE certified and tested to meet industry standards and international regulatory compliance requirements. Newnex's light-weight, compact, power-saving and bus-powered repeaters will satisfy almost any long distance 1394 connection needs.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FireNEX Repeaters

Newnex USB 3.0 Optical Repeater (FireNEX-5000)Newnex USB 3.0 Optical Repeater (FireNEX-5000)
$750.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: FireNEX-5000
OS Support: PCs, Macs and Linux with USB 3.0 ports.

The FireNEX-5000 has taken USB 3.0 over 100+ meters. It is the world’s first USB 3.0 optical repeater! It uses industry standard optical fiber and is plug and play. This opens many possibilities for the use of USB 3.0 in Machine Vision, security and scientific fields. Without a repeater, the practical length limit for a USB 3.0 cable is 3 meters.

FireNEX-uLINK USB 3.0 A to B Repeater Cable, 14m/45ft (FireNEX-ULK-14M)FireNEX-uLINK USB 3.0 A to B Repeater Cable, 14m/45ft (FireNEX-ULK-14M)
$170.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: FireNEX-ULK-14M
Length: 14 meters / 45 feet
Connectors: USB 3.0 A to B
Picture is for reference only, different connectors then shown
The FireNEX-uLINK is the world's first USB 3.0 Active Repeater capable of extending SuperSpeed USB/USB 3.0 signals up to 14 meters in length. As an in-cable device, the FireNEX-uLink simplifies the need for long distance USB 3.0 connections. The recommended practical length limit for USB 3.0 is three meters. The FireNEX-uLINK quadruples this distance, all without external power or drivers.

FireWire FireNEX Repeaters

Newnex FireNEX 800 Mbps 1394b Optical Repeater (FireNEX-800AP)Newnex FireNEX 800 Mbps 1394b Optical Repeater (FireNEX-800AP)
$798.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: FireNEX-800
OS Support: Win, Mac and Linux
The Newnex FireNEX800 optical repeater is the world's first 1394b optical repeater! Utilizing an IEEE1394 PHY and optical transceiver, the FireNEX800 is capable of sending IEEE1394 signals across a optical fiber cable up to 500 meters in length! The FireNEX800 is contained within a small box slightly larger than a deck of cards, which makes it inobtrusive and compact, allowing you to place it on a desktop already crowded with other things.

FireNEX COAX 800 Mbps 1394b Repeater (FireNEX-COAX-S800)FireNEX COAX 800 Mbps 1394b Repeater (FireNEX-COAX-S800)
$498.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: FireNEX-COAX-S800
Connections: FireWire 9-pin; COAX
The FireNEX-COAX-S800 uses flexible coax cabling, etc. There are several advantages in using a standard 75 COAX cable that. It has excellent EMC performance, low cost connections, enables terminations by the end user, and the possibility of using existing cabling infrastructure. Since FireNEX-COAX-S800 repeater has two 1394b ports it can also be used as a hub for daisy chain connections.