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Phidgets 60mm Slider (1112)

Phidgets 60mm Slider (1112)

$16.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1112

Ideal for user input, this slider has 60mm of travel and connects to an analog input.

The Slider 60 is a linear potentiometer - the resistance varies linearly with the position of the slider. SensorValue varies from 0 to1000 over the 60mm travel of the slider. The maximum resistance is 10K ohms.
The 1112 can be used as human input or as position feedback in a system.

Sensor Properties:

  • Sensor Type: Input (Slider)
  • Sensor Output Type: Ratiometric

Electrical Properties:
  • Current Consumption Max: 150 μA
  • Output Impedance: 10 kΩ

Physical Properties:
  • Slider Travel: 60 mm
  • Operating Temperature Min: -25 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 70 °C

Comes packaged with:
  • 3002 – 60cm Sensor Cable

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Phidgets 60mm Slider (1112)

$16.00  Quantity: