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Phidget Multi-turn Rotation Sensor (1116)

Phidget Multi-turn Rotation Sensor (1116)

$34.00  Quantity:  

Part Number: 1116

This multi-turn potentiometer measures 10 full rotations, useful for input applications that require a fine adjustment. Connects to an analog input.

The 1116 measures 3600 degrees of rotation - 10 full turns. It is typically used in Human Interface Applications such as control panels.
This sensor is designed to be 3.3V compatible and can interface with other products as an alternative. For example, the Java based Sentilla Perk includes side ports that are compatible with 3.3V Phidget sensors without any modifications.

Sensor Properties:

  • Sensor Type: Input (Rotation)
  • Sensor Output Type: Ratiometric
  • Range of Rotation: 3600°

Electrical Properties:
  • Current Consumption Max: 250 μA
  • Output Impedance: 20 kΩ
  • Supply Voltage Min: 3 V DC
  • Supply Voltage Max: 5.3 V DC

Physical Properties:
  • Operating Temperature Min: -40 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 105 °C

Comes packaged with:
  • 3002 – 60cm Sensor Cable

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Phidget Multi-turn Rotation Sensor (1116)

$34.00  Quantity: