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Eagletron MotorPod-IR Motorized Tripod for Cameras under 2lbs

Eagletron MotorPod-IR Motorized Tripod for Cameras under 2lbs

$180.00 ea.  Quantity:  

Ever need to video yourself? Mounting your camcorder to a tripod and pointing it at yourself works, as long as you don't move. But now there's a better way.
Introducing the IR-Pod, a compact motorized base for camcorders controlled using a TV-style remote control.
Part Number: MotorPod-IR

Unlike our standard PowerPod product, the new IR-Pod needs no computer or software. Just mount your camcorder to it, plug in power cord, grab the remote control, and you're off.

Just push buttons on the remote control to turn your camcorder up, down, left, or right as you record yourself.

If you can change channels on your TV you can use the IR-Pod.

  • MotorPods CAN be used in an inverted position.
  • Does not need a computer or USB connection.
  • No need to be next to your keyboard or mouse.
  • Controlled by credit card sized TV-style remote control (not as shown).
  • MotorPod-IR (black) for cameras under 2 lbs

Note: * All pods now ship in black polycarbonate (high tech plastic) shells and do not include cameras.
* Remote controls are now credit card sized and NOT as shown.
* All pods now ship with a 1/4 inch, 20 threads per inch (standard tripod) nut adapter; for connecting to photographic tripods and rigging equipment.

Sample Uses
  • Use it while video conferencing to adjust the camera without getting up.
  • Keep your camcorder on yourself as you walk around the room.
  • Mount a camera in a hard-to-get-at spot but adjust its position easily whenever you want.
  • Use with a still camera to take pictures of yourself (still camera needs its own remote to activate photo capture).

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Eagletron MotorPod-IR Motorized Tripod for Cameras under 2lbs
$180.00 ea.  Quantity: